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What we do

Professional development

Professional Development is at the heart of what Londosa was set up to do.  The London Director of Studies Association was originally created to establish a way for Director of Studies to discuss the issues they were facing and to jointly come up with solutions and learn to better manage their schools.  While this has now extended to help all those in Academic Management, the idea of helping people to improve in their careers is still central to Londosa.

At Londosa, we train people though best practice sessions and sessions led by expert speakers.  We set up networking sessions where people can see the opportunities that exist for them.  However, we believe it is important to go beyond this.

Through discussions on the topic of Professional Development itself, we are constantly looking for ways for our members to return to their schools and create schemes which will aid the Professional Development of the staff. Clearly we encourage our members to provide Professional Development for the teaching staff as this is expected by the British Council but Londosa believes in full Professional Development schemes for the school as a whole.

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