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Expert speakers

Londosa's regular monthly meetings either consist of a best practice session or a talk from an expert speaker from the field of ELT.

Our members come from a very diverse background and being an academic manager is a very diverse job. While most of the work normally involves ensuring the quality of the teaching, as their line manager, teachers will expect the academic manager to know about employment law, tax or maternity pay. Students in turn can ask questions about anything including topics as varied as student visas or course insurance.

For this reason, it is important to have speakers who represent the full assortment of concerns in ELT. Londosa strives to help academic managers attain fully rounded professional development by asking our members what they need to learn and trying to find speakers who can teach them and train them on those topics.

Recently we have had talks from:

  • Jon Grant, from Cambridge Exams, reviewing the Cambridge main suite and the latest offers for the UK and Ireland
  • Tony Millns, The Chief Executive of English UK, explaining the latest visa changes and how they will affect our schools
  • Hugh Dellar discussing ways to combat cultural assumption in ELT
  • Michael Berman on how to address multiple intelligences in the classroom
  • George Pickering challenging the members to maintain quality
  • Jon Duckett from Renaissance Education discussing the various recruitment options for the summer
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