The London Director of Studies Association


What we do

Best practice

Londosa's regular monthly meetings either consist of a best practice session or a talk from an expert speaker from the field of ELT.

The aim of our practice sessions is for our members to walk away with useful, practical ideas that they can directly apply to their school.

We select topics and then all the members research that topic and consider how it is managed in their school.  Then the ideas are discussed and the different approaches analysed.  Doing it this way means:

  • Our members return to their schools with a combination of the latest research and practical solutions
  • Hearing so many different approaches and areas of research means it is different from a talk where one single approach dominates.
  • Everyone leaves knowing more about the latest ideas from the field of ELT
  • All our members want to answer the same question - how will this work in my school? This means that
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